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I have been hunting with Ken for years.  I live in Toledo, Ohio, and hunting with Ken has been the best hunting experience of my life, Ken and his guys do everything possible to put you on the game. I have harvested several deer with Ken, and it never ceases to amaze me at what goes around at deer camp. I cannot say enough about Indiana Day Hunts, as it is provided for me to really enjoyed my retirement, thanks guys.

Mark Gilbert

Ken and his crew dropped my six-year-old, 13-year-old, and me off for a beautiful morning hunt. Within the hour we had a chance at a huge Tom but as luck would have it we did not seal the deal. Thanks to Ken and his crew another opportunity was soon upon us that we were able to capitalize on! We have since hunted with Indiana Day Hunts several times and are looking forward to our hunts this fall.


I have hunted with Indiana Day Hunts several times as I am very limited on both my time and my land access. I have always seen game and have harvested a beautiful buck. I will never worry about a place to hunt for when I can go again. These people work hard to make sure that you enjoy your hunt.

Steven Barrett

As you can see the deer I harvested with Ken and his team was by no means a monster, but truly a trophy to me. I enjoyed seeing a ton of deer over the last couple of years and have seen a couple of huge bucks, but they did not offer a proper shot.  My time is very limited so being able to hunt with Indiana Day Hunts has been a blessing.  They work with my schedule to hunt when I want to go and when I have available time.  Big shout out for Ken and his gang.

buck mounted on wall


I was able to hunt with Ken last year for a couple of days, seeing numerous good size deer and one that I contemplated shooting but passed on as I had seen a larger deer earlier.  The wait paid off as we did see the larger deer again, but I was unable to get a good shot.  Maybe I should have taken the earlier shot, but either way that hunt was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me in the woods. I will be hunting with Ken again this year.


Ken and his team have taken me on the most fun and coolest hunts I have ever been on. Ken and the crew always treat you in the morning with a great big smile, and they’re always very inquisitive as to how your hunt went.  Do I kill one every time I go there? Of course not, but do I have a blast and enjoy myself? Absolutely! Hats off to Ken in the gang!


Great place! Good people, and lots of deer!


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